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The Gi2c China Internship Scam Poem...

Gi2C Owner Yuri Khlystov


My China Internship Nightmare

I wanted to find work in China,
So I went surfing on the internet you see.
In hopes of finding a new job and life,
When I saw the ads from Gi2c.

Call now for free details,
The ad beckoned to me.
What the hell I thought,
The call and info are both free!

So I clicked on the chat line,
And a friendly girl Mary attended to me.
“You’re so lucky” she insisted,
That I stumbled across Gi2C!

She told great stories of others
Who found back door jobs you see
That are only available in China
With companies connected with Gi2c.

But to get my foot in their door,
I’d have to prove myself first as an intern.
And if I didn’t hurry, I ‘d have to stand in line,
To wait months for my turn.

As luck would have it she said,
A huge MNC had only one vacancy.
She urged me to rush her “right now”,
My current photo and CV.

I was so darn excited,
I did exactly as she said,
Then I tossed and turned-trying to sleep,
As I thought of my great future in China ahead.

Wow, to be working so soon in China…
With a huge international MNC…
This would surely be, the very best thing,
That ever happened to me!!!

She called me again to talk some more,
As she read to me a great job description.
It sounds like my dream job for sure,
I didn’t know it would be science fiction.

So I paid my $300 deposit – no problem,
For me it sounded like a very good deal.
Besides she said the deposit was “refundable”
Not one they would ever steal.

Then the truth started to drip out,
When I learned the total cost…
$3,400 more they wanted me to pay,
My temper I completely lost!

Then I learned that another $1,500
I would have to pay for my air fare.
And $1,000 more for 90 days of meals,
Not to mention $500 for daily subway fare.

My own apartment would cost another $1,500
But she said not to worry one bit,
Because I would be earning $60,000 a year,
With the new China job I would get!

She sent me great links of video testimonials,
Of a dozen happy clients of Gi2c from the past.
How the hell was I supposed to know…
These great actors were very well cast?

One even called me on the telephone,
Who told me he now worked with the BBC
For $5,000 dollars a month and only because,
Of the great internship he got from Gi2c.

I took the bait - hook, line and sinker,
I sent in my $3,400 with such great hopes.
But when I arrived in Beijing, I soon met
More than a dozen other angry dopes.

Within two weeks we were all mad as hell,
Only three in our group got what was promised.
The rest of us were just baited and switched,
Frankly I have never been so thoroughly pissed!

A refund I demanded, on a daily basis,
But they just made excuses for me.
The even suggested that I “misunderstood”
Mary’s many promises to me.

The company where they sent me,
Was surely no international MNC,
But a Chinese finance company
That just used and exploited me.

“Marketing Specialist” was my job they said,
But spamming emails in English was my true role.
I was also asked to make copies, coffee, and deliveries.
With each day my anger was growing and taking its toll.

After three weeks I said “Enough is Enough”
I didn’t get an expensive Master degree for this!
I demanded a refund and told Gi2C
My big fat ass they could kiss!

If I didn’t get one I would call in the cops.
And show them this scam operation.
That’s when the Russian boss finally said,
Please calm down, and you’ll get my cooperation.

Without making a scene at their office,
I would have been screwed over for sure.
I finally got my refund , but only because
I threatened to make a big public stir.

Maybe 30% of their interns are happy,
But the other 70% surely are not.
What we were all promised on the phone,
Was not even close to what we got.

So be warned my fellow uni graduates,
Smoke and mirrors is what you’ll get at Gi2c
They sell you a dream of a really great job,
So please learn this costly lesson from me…

Get a real China internship by going direct,
To the HR department of a big International company,
Explain what you want in your email letter and resume,
And you will get a real internship – absolutely FREE!

The HR officer will be truly sincere and honest,
And hide nothing about the internship from you.
They’ll even say if a real job will be waiting,
If you do a good job, when the internship is through.

I now wish you the best in your job hunt,
As I bid all of you farewell.
I truly regret my call to Gi2c,
My first step in a journey through hell.

A Former GetIn2China intern
(My video is not featured on their website - can you guess why?)

Note to all: Gi2c is just one of many black internships that are legal in China but they could not get away with this crap anywhere else on planet Earth.(Nigeria excepted). Google “China Internship Scams” to learn more about these companies or visit Here are some more happy customers if you think I am exaggerating: and this is what one of their own former employees dished up on them at another forum... Even though my Gi2C experience is two years old, I vow to warn every university graduate every year as long as they keep spamming their misleading ads on all the ESL and "Work Abroad" web sites. Warn your friends

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gi2C Is The Best Damn China China Internship In The World! - Not A Scam - Here's Proof!

In case you have not noticed, Gi2C has hired a full time hacker to delete negative comments about them on the internet and on their own Facebook page as well as constantly "revise" their comments on when they get caught in a lie like recently with former Gi2C intern Winnie Maliko from France who had this to say...

So as you search the internet and you keep finding "404 Errors" when coming across Gi2C scam or complaint references, at least now you know why.  If you have any doubts whatsoever just post the link to this website or any of the others below on the Gi2C Facebook page and ask for an explanation. Your post will be gone faster than you can fart.

Feel free to post your complaint here below and it will ALWAYS be here because Gi2C cannot hack this site which is hosted by the best secured servers in the world - on Google.  Here is the last thing they deleted, but we recovered it from "Cache"

#244895 by Omega Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:20 am 

This company is just one of China's many "LEGAL SCAMS" that can best be described as a company that operates in the gray area of the law in an industry that is too small to be regulated yet. They target three groups of people...

a) Fresh university graduates

b) Unemployed Brits, Americans, and Canadians

c) Retired or senior people on a fixed income

All of these people are desperate for a good job. These China internship companies all have incredible looking websites and their bait are about 500 ads spammed across the internet that offer "Work For A Fortune 500 Company In China" (no mention of internship until after you click) or some will openly say "Intern With a Huge MNC in China - Great Jobs Await You". The ads are clever and catchy and changed every week. Some ads are branded but most are blind ads.

Once they have your attention they will ask for your CV and suddenly they find the perfect job for you "with a well-known international company" but they won't tell you the details or name of the company until after you pay a $300 deposit which they claim is "100%" refundable. Because the web site is full of testimonials (some are real - most are shills) and links to "independent reviews" and because you see the below homepage and are told they "have offices all over the world" it is easy to buy into the pitch.

So you send your $300 bucks to "reserve" your slot because "if you don't grab it now it will be gone by the end of the day!" You are also told that if you do a good job at the internship "you will probably be hired" They also be sure to tell that all these MNC manager trainee jobs start at $50,000 - $60,000. They also tell you that they are "partners" with 50 of the top universities in the world and even put a photo from the SMU Alumni Association on their website. (see below). All very convincing to be sure.

You will then click on the "Our Team" link and be comforted to see so many foreigners working there so you assume it must be a legitimate company.

Here is what they never tell you...

* If you dial all those phone numbers of the "overseas offices" they will all be answered by the same person no matter whether you call Tokyo, New York, London, etc. These are virtual phone numbers leased by the month and forwarded to the mobile phone of one of the sales reps. If you ask them for actual offices in those 7 countries they are unable to do so and change the subject.

* When you ask them to explain the SMU photo, they also change the subject because the SMU Alumni Association never heard of any China Internship Company (Call them and see for yourself)

* If you ask them to provide a list of all the Fortune 500 and MNC companies that they work with, they refuse and claim it is "proprietary information". I personally called the HR offices of Nestle, IBM, PWC, Deloitte, HP, Proctor & Gamble, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Lenovo, Reuters and Samsung (the names presented to me by their sales rep when I called and pretended to be interseted in an internship this summer). None of those companies ever heard of Gi2C and they ALL confirmed that they do not use agents nor third party companies to hire their interns. THEY HIRE THEIR OWN INTERNS FOR FREE IN-HOUSE THROUGH NEWSLETTER ANNOUNCEMENTS.

* They won't tell you until after they have your $300 deposit that you will also have to pay the following...

a) A placement fee of $3,700 that includes a room for the first 30 days of your 90 day internship
b) Your round-trip air fare of $1,600
c) Your meal and beverage costs for 90 days - about $1,500
d) Your apartment rental and security deposit for your second and third month in China - $1,800
e) Your subway fare to and from your internship job site for 90 days - $500

Now you realize your total costs will exceed $7,000 and just try to get your $300 deposit back an dthey will tell you to "read the fine print" of their terms and conditions which are in 8point font while the words "Guaranteed" and "100% Refundable" are in 18 & 24 point font!

* They also won't tell you that the real job internships are 100% free and you can get them yourself as I mentioned above, nor the fact that less than 15% of their interns are placed with foreign companies. Most all are placed with Chinese companies whose names are unknown - even to most Chinese!

* They won't tell you that Paul, Max, Joe, (and all but one of the foreigners you see on "Our Team") along with employees Cheryl, Abbie, Renee, Zack, Greg, Johnathan, Andrew, Henry, Kaisa, Steve, Fay, and Michelle all resigned months ago, over a particular incident involving a certain Chinese employee named "Tommy". (For those that doubt this, send me a PM and I can put you in touch with former employees that I have spoken with through a mutual friend) The staff is now 12 bi-lingual Chinese yet they keep using the photos and videos of all the foreigners that resigned.

* According to their former webmaster Steve Brown who also resigned, less than 10% of the 200+ China internships posted on their web site are real and that has been confirmed by an actual applicant here who caught them with a "bait ad": ... e.html#382

* The company was using an alias of "Getin2China for a few years until that name got tarnished after employee "Tommy" had some legal issues that are best explained on other websites.

* They will not tell you that the SAIC Chinese government office has no business license issued to Gi2C but nor that the old business license issued to only authorizes the company to provide "visa consulting services" to local Chinese, not to solicit foreigners for internships.

* They will also not tell you that they created/fabricated people using the name "HALEY GILBERT" and ZACK ADAMS" to deal with complaints and PR issues that were a bit problematic as you can see at this 2013 Scambook post. Call to Gi2c and ask to speak with Haley or Zack and an honest receptionist will tell you that nobody by those names ever worked there. ... -for-$0.00

* They will also not tell you what their own clients say about them here: nor that some of the interns who gave "favorable" reviews were given a $500 discount for doing so. Again, if you doubt this, send me a pm and I will put in touch with actual clients and two former employee of Gi2C.

* As former client "Winnie Maliko" points out at thebeijnger and will confirm with a PM to anyone who asks her, Gi2C coaches their customers to lie to the Chinese visa officer about why they are really coming to China and ask for an M visa. Why? Because Gi2c and their corporate sponsors cannot legally issue the Q1 or Z Visa required by Chinese law for foreign interns, which brings us to the last secret...

* In September of 2013, new Visa and Labor laws went into effect in China. Ever since it has been ILLEGAL for any foreigner to work in a China as an intern UNLESS the intern is registered as part of a university student exchange program or a "delegate" of a registered cultural exchange foundation, NGO, or NPO like the United Nations, Carnegie Institute, Gugenheim Museum, National Geographic, etc. If a foreign intern gets caught in one of some 3,000 random visa checks made every day by the PSB (Public Security Bureau) without the right visa, they will be arrested, fined (about $2,00), jailed for 30 days and then deported with a 3-5 year reentry ban. Also, the new laws limit China internships to 90 consecutive days, yet Gi2C clients are not told any of this and are often sold six month packages which are far more profitable for them.

Additional related reading can be found here: ... internship ... pectations

The below photo was taken by a former Gi2c client that was interviewed by China Scam Patrol which they shared with me: All the foreigners in this 2014 photo (except the owner in the back row to the right) and three of the Chinese you see in it resigned I am not sure if names are allowed to be posted here, but if people need them send me a PM because China Scam Patrol gave me the names of all the people in this photo and and 23 other employees they listed in a complaint to Interpol.

Here are other relative links worth reading to help educate yourself about China Job Internships. There are indeed some real internships to be had, but you will not have to pay for them. In fact the genuine China internships are all free!